Warren Church of Christ is committed to helping those in need both locally and internationally. Through these missions we are able to feed the hungry, give homes to orphans, help rebuild after disasters, support higher education, and spread the Good News about Jesus.

Missions of the Month

January: Love INC in Huntington
February: West African Christian Ministries in Lagos/Nigeria/Africa
March: Casa de Niños/Niños de Mexico in Mexico
April: Polish Christian Ministries in Poland
May: Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, OH
June: Weekday Religious Educations (Bible Trailer) in Salamonie School
July: Lake James Christian Assembly in Angola, IN
August: Pavon Christian Ministries in Mexico
September: Karing for Kids in Huntington County
October: Daniel Llamas at Collegio Biblico in Mexico
November: Latin American Ministries in Nicaragua, Spain, and Paraguay
December: Warren Food Pantry

Each month has a designated mission known as the Mission of the Month, during which we give a set amount to a mission, and highlight what they do. Because attendance and weekly offerings can vary, we the set amount for each Mission of the Month is the same. Individual members may also designate on their offering envelope that all or part of their gift for the week goes to a specific mission. This means the amount of money a Mission of the Month receives is the total of the set amount from the church and the special designations given by individuals.

Special Sundays 2018

February 4th: Warren Area Ministerial Association
March 18th: Restoration House Ministries, in New England
April 29th: Leece Christian Ministries, in Italy
June 10th: International Disaster Emergency Services, in Noblesville, IN
July 22nd: International Conference on Missions and North American Christian Convention
September 2nd: North American Christian Convention in Cincinnati, OH
October 14th: Woodburn Christian Children’s Home in Woodburn, IN
November 25th: Mexico Mountain Mission in San Luis Potosi, Mexico
December 30th: Living Hope Christian Church, in Honduras

In addition to the Missions of the Month, we give support several other missions. These are on Sundays which are the 5th in a month plus Easter and Christmas. We have a set amount we give for any special Sunday mission and the group we support is highlighted.