This is my first blog ever…

I probably don’t even know what a blog is, I’ve never read one. My goal, before I write a second blog, is to read at least five other blogs – sports blogs, political blogs, Christian blogs, I might even search for a lawn mower enthusiast blog!  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m adapting (maybe a little late) to the times. I think as we embrace modern technology and new ideas, it helps us grow. As we grow we can find new and creative ways to reach our fellow man. Reach for Christ. Reach for relationships. Reach for who knows why!  I look forward to occasionally blogging with you. I promise that as I blog on the warrenchurchofchrist.org website that I will do my best to be honest, cutting edge, and write about relevant topics.  Maybe you too can grow and try something new. It’s been said, “Doing nothing is very hard, because you don’t know when you’re finished.”

Make this day a productive day! God Bless, Ethan


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    lauren lockdall says

    Hello…am I to rsvp about attending on April 18-19? as of now there will be 5 of us. can’t wait

    Have a super day, Laurie

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